Spare parts and test equipment for diesel fuel injection system
Diesel Progress

Due to the rapid advancement of new technologies the future is upon us quickly and improvements are demanded and to keep ahead of demand Monea continues on its course constantly modernizing. Part of this advancement is the recently introduced line DIESEL PROGRESS, a program entirely dedicated to the diagnosis for the maintenance of the modern electronic Diesel fuel injection systems.

With the DIESEL PROGRESS line Monea offers a complete solution comprising of test equipment, spare parts and training. Our main objective is to guarantee to the independent workshops the indispensable technical support in order to operate test and calibrate in the most efficient way modern Diesel injection systems.

The equipment is completely digital, interactive, extremely easy to use and applicable to all Diesel Test Benches.

We have available a large range of products for the diagnosis, repair and calibration of all of the main fuel injection system manufacturers world-wide.

Diagnostic Kit for Common Rail Systems
- Bosch Cp1,Cp2&Cp3 Pumps and Injectors
- Siemens Pumps and Injectors
- Delphi Pumps and Injectors
- Denso HP0,HP2&HP3 Pumps and Injectors

Diagnostic Kit for UIS/PLD Systems
composed of the 00 035 87 Cam Box, Simulator and various adaptors for testing the Pump Injectors: Bosch, Delphi, Caterpillar and Detroit Cummins.

Test Bench UMT 2512T
with glass graduates 25 HP.

Common Rail Diesel Tester P./N.00 023 40
test equipment for mechanical single & two stage plus Common Rail injectors of all type.

Dual Channel Digital Flow Meter P./N.00 050 90
the ideal instrument, essential for delivery and return flows control of the HP Common Rail pumps.

Diesel Injector Service Unit ANT4045
heated detergent cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, volumetric testing, spray pattern testing

Dual Channel PWM Signal Generator P.N. 00 024 40 (427.23 kB 56kpbs=1m 4Mbps=1s)
With dual channel and pressure control (from 1400 to 2500 bar) for all Common Rail systems

Training courses are available at different levels for field specialists to have the necessary know-how in order to increase the success of their work with the specific knowledge of various highly technological Common Rail and UIS Systems in the automotive field.

A constantly updated catalogue is available on-line or on CD upon request. It includes original references as well as photo illustrations in order to assist with the product identification.